Thinking to sell?

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Thinking to sell?

If you are thinking about selling a property, our recommendation is that you put it in the hands of a professional. It is true that today with the Internet revolution, anyone can publish their home on real estate portals and obtain potential customers, but if you do not have experience in this type of operations, it is very likely that you will end up financially harmed.

Here we are going to summarize very basically some aspects to take into account:

- Price of sale: It is clear that you will want to obtain the maximum amount possible for the sale of your property but if you put a price too high you will see how it will hardly awaken the interest of potential buyers.
To advertise your property with a fair and salable price, it is essential to carry out a market study, know the price per square meter of the area, prices of similar homes for sale, at what price the last properties in that area have been sold, their conditions, etc.
Keep in mind that we work as a percentage, the higher the sales price, the higher our commission will be, but equally for us it is not interesting to have properties for sale that we know can not be sold at a certain price.
Between you and our agents we are sure that we will agree on the fair price of your home.

- Commission: The usual commission established is 5% + VAT. In this 5% are included all the work of the agency to sell the property. Advertising, managing visits, obtaining potential buyers, etc.
We recommend at all costs to advertise a property with different prices because it generates a total distrust for potential buyers.

- Exclusivity: This will depend a bit on your geographical availability, if you are not in the country it will be difficult to coordinate appointments with different agencies, so it is advisable to focus on a trustworthy agency, which has the keys and will watch over your interest

- Lawyer: We always recommend the hiring of a lawyer. Although it is a simple operation, it is always better to put yourself in the hands of professionals who advise us and carry out the legal procedures. A lawyer usually charges 1% of the sale amount.

- Taxes: Before setting a sale price for your property, it is advisable that you contact your lawyer or manager to know at all times the amount of taxes you will have to face.
Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the costs of notary, registration and transmission taxes are borne by the buyer. The seller must pay the payment of the municipal capital gain and provide certificates of up-to-date payment of Community and supplies such as electricity, water, IBI, garbage, etc. The seller must also provide the energy certificate.

- General advice: There are two factors that we consider very important, they are the collation of a "FOR SALE" sign and in the case that you do not reside in the property, the availability of a set of keys by the agency.
It is a fact that agents always teach first the properties of which the keys are available. Many times for the speed of the potential buyer and others for simple convenience to not have to make an appointment with the owner or neighbor who has the keys, etc.


“If you are considering to sell your property, please, have a coffee with us and we will try to help you.”




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