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AGS Consulting is a family company dedicated to look after properties, rentals, sales, reforms, etc.
I´m Jose, the manager of AGS Consulting, i have been doing this for more than 20 years. I started working like maintenance guy in a complex with more than 100 apartments. After a couple of years i was moved to work on the reception desk, after that i worked like reception manager and finally i finished working like resort manager.
This can sound perfect but what i really wanted was to have my own company, that´s why in the year 2008 i founded AGS Consulting.

During all my carreer i got skills how to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, i got a really good relationship with technians and providers on the area.
We use to work with profesionals in all the areas, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners, air conditioning technicians, etc.

In all these years we have done also a lot of reforms and furnishings in houses and apartments, most of them oriented to rental properties.

Try us for a short period of time and we trust to maintenance our relationship for a lot of years.

One person, one contact detail

I understand how frustated can be to explain the same problem several times to different people, that´s why we prefer a personalized attention. Sonia (my wife) look after of the spanish clients and me attend to the foreign, so you will contact with one person, only one phone number, one email address, etc.

Why a family company?

Confidence, when somebody is giving us their property keys, i think that the most important thing is the security and when i´m working with family and friends i feel 100% sure.

Happy Clients

No more TOMORROW, TOMORROW. One problem = one solution, we think that the key to have happy clients is to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. We discuss with our clients the diferent options, we choose one and we do it, that´s all.

Our Advantages

Why choose us?
We will look after your property as it were our own

Any Where
Various Locations

We provide our services from Sotogrande to Marbella.

Personalized Attention
One Contact

One person, one phone number, one email address.


More than twenty years taking care of properties.

Our Team

You will be more than welcome to visit us in our office. Have a coffee with us and we will talk about what you need.

JM Chaves
JM ChavesCEOinfo@agsconsulting.es
Twenty years of experience in the sector. Half a life dedicated to tourism.
Sonia Pineda
Sonia PinedaMANAGERsonia@agsconsulting.es
Professional problem solver, and always with a smile.
Mª Belen Chaves
Mª Belen ChavesTAX ADVISORinfo@gesfyl.net
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